Professional Mentoring

“I have found Richard to be an amazing and inspirational mentor.  Where I have felt blocked and confused about a particular issue, Richard has helped me to solve the problem.  I have worked in the NHS as a Senior Health Professional for over 20 years however we all need Richard – he has helped me to move forward and start to achieve my career and personal goals.   He has given the time and space to reflect about both my strengths and weaknesses and has helped me to refocus and challenge my energies into reality!

He has a lovely caring nature which has helped me to relax and enjoy the mentoring session and I cannot thank him enough for being so thoughtful and supportive during some of the most challenging times in my life and career. I would fully recommend him to anyone who is a successful business person and who is need of support and encouragement to move forward towards a brighter future. Thank you so much Richard!” Jamila Patel, Child and Adolescent Therapist, Preston, Lancashire

Richard is a professional mentor and has offered mentoring to a variety of clients, including:

  • business owners
  • entrepreneurs
  • start-ups
  • those wanting to become a mentor
  • couples

Richard’s packages normally begin with a complimentary 15 minute Getting to Know You session to build a relationship between us and find out about your long-term goals.  Mentees then decide which package they want to move forward with.

Mentoring sessions normally last 45-60 minutes and address the issues or barriers facing you at that moment in time.  Often these are conducted via video call using Zoom or Skype, some prefer to visit Richard’s Southampton office for their session.  Richard then uses the Mentor’s Mantra to help you develop an action plan each session.

Follow-up sessions begin with accountability – a review of your last action plan to ensure that you are moving forward and that things haven’t slipped in-between sessions.  After this, mentees have the opportunity to work through their current blocks.

Mentees keep their own notes and action plan, Richard’s confidential sessions help you to develop your plan.

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One-off package

A one-off mentoring session, followed by a 15 minute follow-up call three weeks later. £250

Bulk-boy packages

4 sessions for £850

8 sessions for £1200

14 sessions for £1400

Monthly package

An ongoing monthly mentoring session, plus an accountability call in-between. £225 per month, or £600 for 3-months

Silver package

Fortnightly sessions with Richard for extra accountability. £350 per month, or £900 for 3-months

Gold package

Weekly sessions with Richard for the best level of mentoring support. £550 per month or £1400 for 3-months

To arrange your complimentary Getting to Know You Session, please email

*Monthly packages are subject to a minimum of two months

Prices exclude VAT