Many people do not realise that Richard is physically handicapped, he experiences deformity and mobility problems in his hands as a result of a family skin condition.

Richard has suffered with severe eczema since not long after he was born affecting much of his body at times.  Fortunately, the areas across his body cleared up in young adulthood, however the problems with his hands continue.

During his teenage years Richard was bullied because of his skin – he talks about people hitting him to see if limbs would fall off and girls refusing to kiss him in case they caught it.

Richard has been assessed with having 50% grip and this affects his ability to hold objects, such as cutlery, pens and even his children at times!

Richard is adamant that his skin condition will not hold him back and he talks about the lessons he has learned about the result.

“If I could go back and change my eczema, I wouldn’t. It has taught me to fight and to win, it has taught me the cycle of highs and lows, it has taught me to be resilient – without my eczema I would never have achieved everything I have done.”