The Gifted Introvert

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What is it?

The Gifted Introvert is a seven-step programme developed by two self-confessed introverts, to help other introverts see the hidden benefits of being an introvert.  Beginning with an exploration of goal setting and recognising success, the programme guides you through a series of lessons designed to explore your inner self and how you interact with those around you.

How do I know The Gifted Introvert is for me?

If you experience one or more of these issues, then The Gifted Introvert is for you:

  • Anxiousness about social situations
  • A dislike of your shyness
  • You are not comfortable with your personality
  • You dislike something about yourself
  • You avoid large social gatherings
  • You plan your social interactions in advance
  • You dislike being around other people
  • You can’t find the words when trying to speak to other people
  • You have struggled with education or work as a result of your introversion
  • You love time on your own, but want to bond with others
  • You are jealous of the ease that other people have around crowds

Who is Mary Jane Boholst?

Mary is a speaker and coach passionate about helping introverted people struggling with their personality traits.

How did The Gifted Introvert come about?

Richard and Mary were scheduled to speak at a mental health conference together.  They met, shared common backgrounds and decided that they wanted to share their stories with others to help other introverts see the things they should love about their introversion.

What are the steps?

Step 1 – Recognising Success

Lesson 1 – How To Set Goals
Lesson 2 – How To Celebrate Small Steps
Lesson 3 – Seeing Failure As Feedback

Step 2 – Self

Lesson 1 – Stepping Into Self-Acceptance
Lesson 2 – Stepping Into Self-Love

Step 3 – Family And Social Circle

Lesson 1 – Learning To Trust
Lesson 2 – Learning To Set Boundaries
Lesson 3 – Feeling Safe To Ask

Step 4 – How The World Sees You

Lesson 1 – How To Accept Feedback
Lesson 2 – How To Adjust Misperceptions

Step 5 – Other People

Lesson 1 – How To Communicate
Lesson 2 – Dealing With Other People’s Emotions

Step 6 – Peak Performance

Lesson 1 – What Is Success?
Lesson 2 – How To Succeed

Step 7 – Fulfilment

Lesson 1 – How To Recognise Fulfilment
Lesson 2 – How To Achieve Fulfilment

Can I find out more?

Richard and Mary Jane have recorded a webinar discussing their own introversion. It can be accessed free at any time via this link.

Where do I get a copy?

The book is available to order from your local bookstore. View the book on Amazon.


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