The Mentor’s Table

Mentoring for mentors

Imagine having mentors of your calibre working on your business,

  • What would they say about your business?
  • How would they support your mentoring?
  • What would they tell you to focus on?
  • How would they help improve your business?
  • What would it do to your bottom line?

A mastermind group for high-level national or international mentors

Now imagine a Mastermind Group made up exclusively of 5 other experienced mentors from around the globe, what would that do to your business? How would it change the world?

Richard is the Mentor’s Mentor, CEO of multi-award-winning The Mentoring School and has written mentoring courses for those mentoring CEOs, C-suite executives, senior managers, employees and apprentices in business, in addition to education, youth and humanitarian mentoring.  In October 2017 he hosted the Mentor’s Summit, an online conference attended by mentors from around the world.

Helping world-class mentors to improve their mentoring

He chairs The Mentor’s Tables, collections of 6 high-calibre mentors who meet online every month to move each other’s businesses and mentoring forward and support each other in a closed online group.

Each mentor in turn will have 30-45 minutes to seek advice, guidance or even challenge from the group.  As with all mentoring, the mentee brings with them what they bring with them and the other mentors will work to support them with what they are currently facing.

Creating a global impact

Each Mentor’s Table group will be given £10,000 to invest in the group’s philanthropic aims.  Part of each month’s discussions will be focussed on the group’s projects.  The project itself will be decided by the group, but could involve setting up mentoring schemes in third world countries, training entrepreneurs, building a school or even providing mentors in refugee camps.

The technical details

Membership costs £750 + VAT per month* for 12 months and is subject to an application and screening process, in addition to a behaviour and participation code of conduct:

  • Members give as much as they receive at the Mentor’s Table;
  • Respectful challenge is encouraged as a growth tool, challenge that is not about growth or is disrespectful is not welcome;
  • Members are expected to attend at least 10 meetings of the Mentor’s Table a year;
  • Members do not self-promote;
  • Groups agree entry to new members as a group;
  • Discussion at the Mentor’s Table or in the Facebook group are confidential.

Members of the Mentor’s Table are entitled to wear the Mentor’s Table pin (returnable when you leave the Table).

To apply, please complete the attached application form and email

Closing date for applications is 17th November at 5pm, we will then contact you for an interview.  Following this successful applicants will be informed.

Have you got what it takes for a seat at the table?


*Once a group is selected, applicants will be invited to an introductory session prior to the group formation and commencement of the sessions.  We want to ensure that the group dynamics are strong and sometimes the only way to do that is to give everyone a chance to meet the group before commencing the paid group.