Behaviour Consultant’s International Mastermind

Have you got what it takes to have a seat at the table?

Mastermind group for growing the businesses of the top 1% of behaviour specialists


The secret weapon for behaviour specialists around the world, this handpicked group of only 12 of the leading behaviour experts meets every six weeks in London.  This confidential trusting space with peers allows each to develop and grow their practice and get support from others in the field in a non-threatening environment.

Together their work is changing the world, case by case, client by client, but now is the time to use the shared mind of a Mastermind group to scale their businesses to have more impact.  By sharing their mission, their work and their challenges within the safety of the group, they are enabling like-minds to help them to leave a real mark in their world.

Led by Richard Daniel Curtis, a behaviour expert who has changed lives in 5 continents and runs a multi-award winning consultancy service, this group meet in a prestigious location in the heart of London.  The Mastermind day itself is long and challenging, as each participant spends time talking about their business and using the group to reflect on the steps that they must do to make the difference in their world.  Each member makes a commitment to the group of the actions that they will undertake before the following meeting.

Membership is vetted, we want to ensure that the right people are sat around the table and are able to access our chat groups (members communicate regularly via secret WhatsApp and Facebook groups).

The elements of the Mastermind:

  • Trust – members work in the same field and they do not see themselves as competitors but peers
  • Honesty – members are 100% open with each other, they support and challenge each other
  • Security – the group is secure, membership is for the year, not a changing membership each meeting
  • Collaboration – the group’s purpose is to develop the businesses of those in the room, this is achieved by working together
  • Accountability – the group hold peers accountable for the promises and actions

Your investment is only £999 + VAT per month, the next group begins in December.


There is a 3 step application process in order to join, we want to ensure that only the best are part of this exciting group.  We begin with a phone call to discuss the group and answer any questions you may have.  We’ll then get the application over to you for you to return and finally we review all of the applications to ensure that we have a balanced group that will ensure we move your business forward.

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